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Employee Time Sheet – Free Printable Templates Download!!

employee timesheet

Looking for Downloadable Employee Time Sheet?

By the weekend, you have spent the week putting out fires by leading employees and urging them to meet the deadlines and fulfilling the expectations of customers without getting extra funds. There is one last thing to do before you head for the party: Employee time tracking.

To track the work done by the employee, we all fill out employee time sheets just like we fill out work order templates.

What Is A Timesheet?

As the name implies, timesheet is a process of recording the time spent by an employee on work.

In simple word, employee time sheet is a piece of paper on which you write down and calculate hours an employee spent working.

employee timesheet

In past, the employers would make the time sheets manually. Recording and calculation of hours are another headaches. Fortunately, we are living in the world where everything is available on the internet. You can find thousands of employee time sheet templates that operate in MS Word or Excel. In the software you just need to add the hours manually. Rest of calculation is done by Excel itself. If you are more of the old school, you can simply print out the blank employee time sheet templates for recording employee working hours.

Types Of Employee Time sheet

time sheet

Thousands of templates are available on the internet. But we don’t need all of them. You must pick the time sheet that matches your payroll and billing cycle. Based on payroll cycle, following are the most commonly used types of employee time sheet:

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Most organizations used weekly time sheets as this type promote accurate timely entry of data. It is a common practice for businesses to use weekly time sheet even though it does not contribute to fixed payroll or salary, etc.

Weekly End-Of-Month

As said earlier, most organization prefer a weekly recording of employee working hours. But there is one problem. At the end of the month, the administrator faces a difficulty while calculating monthly payroll. The problem is that ending a day of month and time sheet period is not same. The weekly end-of-month time sheet is the solution to this problem. In this type, the first and last week of the month gets flexed by shortening or lengthening the days. This is done to ensure that month ends on the same day as that on time sheet period.

Importance Of Employee Time Sheet

  • Protection: Accurately done employee time sheets serve as legal documents both for employer and employee. In the case of potential litigation regarding unpaid payroll or missed breaks can resolve using the timesheets. If the issue is related to payroll, the parties just need to verify the time sheets with employee’s hours. Because of these documents, every wage dispute can be resolved fairly.
  • Detailed Records: Timesheet does not record entry and exit of the employee. It is used for tracking overtime, double time and meal breaks too. Sometimes, the organization faces disputes because they don’t record meal breaks which put them in litigation. So, you must select a detailed time sheet.
  • Punctuality & Attendance: In case the employee has arrived earlier or late, time sheets flag these events too which are a violation of attendance policy.

Free Employee Timesheet Templates

To save you from hassle, we are providing a huge collection of employee time sheet as follows:

Employee Time Sheet

Employee Time Sheet

hourly employee time sheet

employee time sheet template

Hopefully, next time you can avoid payroll disputes by using employee time sheet.

5+ Employee Write up Form Templates

businessman training business executives in a classroom

Employee Write up Form

In an organization, where many employees work in various departments, in order to manage the human resources effectively and efficiently, we need some employee write up forms. These forms are used for many things starting from giving warnings to performance review etc. Here we are going to discuss various write-up forms.

Every Work write up form is different and is used for the single purpose only.

Work Write up Form

Employee Write up Form- Types 

Some write-up forms are mentioned below-

  • Employee Disciplinary Action Form
  • Employee Warning Notice Form
  • Employee Reference Request
  • Employee Character References Letters
  • Employee Performance Review Write Up form
  • New Employee Welcome Letter Write Up
  • Training & Development of Employee Write Up

Employee Write up Forms- Things to Avoid

While designing an employee write up form keeps these points in your mind.

  • Always avoid presenting any kind of weakness and flaws of the employee.
  • Avoid pictorial approach in these forms otherwise; it would be a funny business letter.
  • Avoid the spaces for irrelevant details like marital status, caste, etc.
  • Avoid using funny fonts.

Employee Disciplinary Action Form

These forms are issued when someone is found behaving cutting the rules of the office like quarreling with other employees, arguing with the boss without any proper reason, speaking bad languages in the office premises, missing office without informing the HR departments.

employee write up form

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A new template for employee disciplinary action is given below for your reference-

Features:  1. The template includes almost all parameters of a standard warning letter.

2. Enough spaces for warning date, meeting date with the particular employee.

3. An interesting point of this employee write up form is that it has some really important points like violation date and types of the violation and space for a statement of the brief description is given below.

write up forms

Employee Warning Notice Form

The warning form is issued when someone is to warn for any reason. You better can say, this form includes warning and disciplinary actions altogether. At first, this type of employee write up forms are issued and if the issues are not resolved then forms for the disciplinary actions are issued.

Simple Employee Write Up Form

Features: 1. Points are written and you need to tick the points only.

2. Space for the signatures of the employee and employer (manager) are given.

3. An interesting fact is that it includes three options like- first warning, second warning and other.

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Employee Performance Review Write Up

Employees are reviewed on the basis of their performances and salary hike and increment follow the performance. That’s why in every company, employee performances are reviewed in every quarter and actions are followed accordingly. Herein below, we have provided an employee performance review report-

Features: 1. This is a modular performance review template where as a manager you need to put the grades for different points.

2. If someone from managers or HR department looks at the form then he or she will understand the area where the employee needs to work hard or needs proper training to improve the efficiency or skill.

Your comments are always welcome and you can write us for improving the article anytime because after all sharing is caring, isn’t it?

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10+ Work Order Templates For Free Download

Work order templates

Looking for Maintenance work order form aka Work order templates?

There are a lot of confusions about work order because some suggest it as a work ticket where full job description is included. An overview and every detail of the job is written on the work order, and others suggest that a proper work order includes all the other things like estimated date of completion of the job. That’s why work order templates are also classified into these two type.

But work orders should be something that explains a job as a whole with all important details, but it should not be very big. So we need a concise template that can describe the job fully.

work order forms

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I have faced the similar issue while searching some free work order template formats online such as Employee Time Sheet. After a thorough research, I have handpicked some of the hundreds of templates and thought that it could be equally useful in your life if shared.

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Work Order Templates- What it should contain

Work orders can be designed into two different ways. One is for work order for vendors (outside), and another is for internal use (inside).

# Bill To: The name and address of the vendor who has been allotted for a particular work. Sometimes “Bill To” and “Ship To” fields may be different.

# WO No: A number is allotted for each job to identify which job this is. Every work order should include this.


# Job Details: A concise description of the job should be included with every work order. These are general description followed by special details like the logo, model name, branding details, etc.

# Quantity: It contains the number of pieces or amount of the parts of material needed. The estimated time frame for a job and other things depends on this parameter.

# Other Details: All the special specifications should be mentioned here in details.

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Maintenance Work Order Form

Free Printable Work Order Template

All the work order templates available online have these below-mentioned points. Maximum of these templates is tailored for a specific market.

Maximum companies use work orders to keep efficient tracking of “Work in progress”. It helps in daily tracking of a job. Here we have provided some editable work order template and these can be used to make your work order templates.

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  • IT Work Orders
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Maintenance Work Order
  • Work order for repairing services
  • Work Orders for dispatch services
  • Computerized work orders for sales
  • Work Orders For Maintenance schedules

#1 Its a very simple work order template. It can be used anywhere for any job work. Check it and you can use it simply by editing the details.

Work order templates

#2 Its a very impressive yet very simple work order template for you. It looks like a professional template. Try it and believe me, its very cool. Once its implemented, you will love it for sure.

# 3 This template hits the minds of the viewers or users (employees) easily. The use of this template is easy and anyone with simple knowledge of data entry can fill this form. So plan the project and assign someone to fill the data.

work order templates

Let us know your say about these work order templates. If you have something to share with us, don’t forget to inform us. Stay tuned.


Here is a huge collection of Work Order Templates:

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High School Diploma Template With Seal – Free Printables

High School Diploma Template With Seal

High School Diploma Template With Seal

Are you a designer who has been assigned a job of making High School Diploma Template With Seal? Then, you have landed on the right place! As we have a significant collection of printable high school diploma certificate templates.

High School Diploma Template With Seal

High school diploma certificate is something very dear to every student. As this certificate is issued to students on successful completion of high school diploma courses. Just like students, school certificate is valuable for private or trade high schools.

Every school happens to issue uniquely designed High School Diploma Template With Seal to duly passed students. Although the school administration wants to own a distinctive certificate design it must comply with the standards. Fortunately, we are living in the era of internet where everything can be found online. So, if you are designing a high school diploma certificate template, the internet is the best source for inspiration.

How To Choose Best High School Diploma Template With Seal?

You will find tons of websites which are offering printable High School Diploma Template With Seal. Honestly, all of them are not good. You need to keep a check on few things before choosing the template which is as follow:

  • First set the proper dimension or orientation of the certificate.
  • Next, decide whether you need a rich formatted template or simple certificate template for high school diploma.
  • Also decide, whether you need a template on which digital signature can be used or you will sign the diploma certificate by hand.

As mentioned before, you will find thousands of templates online. You must choose the one best suited to your demands. And you can get one by checking following points:


High School Diploma Template With Seal

Honestly, there is no fixed orientation or dimension for school certificate template. The school administration always picks a design which goes with their standards. Despite having differences, formality and elegance are the primary facts about all certificate designs. And when it comes to formal design, nothing serves better than portrait or landscape format.


A4 and letter sizes are print friendly sizes. Most schools prefer A4 as they can be printed with any printer easily. After all, you will issue printed diploma certificate to students. Landscape format is preferred choice for old institutions. But newest schools are using trendy portrait format for the certificate.


Resist the temptation to use several colors in one template. The diploma certificate should look professional and formal which is impossible to look with so many colors.

Always remember, “less is more”. Your template will look like a kid’s design if you have used more than four colors.

Choose the lighter colors to retain the formal appearance of the certificate. Try to leave white space in the middle, so you can place the school’s watermark and text as desired.

In the end, don’t forget to add a beautiful border.

High School Diploma Template


No matter how attractive the font looks, don’t ever choose unless it is listed in official fonts. Legibility and readability must be taken into account while selecting a font. You must use official fonts like Arial, Bodoni, Century Gothic, Caslon, Fill Sans, Goudy, Baskerville Old Face, Berlin. Bell, Garamond, Informal Roman, Times New Roman, and Harrington, etc.

Free High School Diploma Template With Seal Templates

There is no need to go through numerous templates online when we have done a headache. Here, we have provided best diploma certificate templates for free.

High School Diploma Template With Seal

High School Diploma Template With Seal

school certificate template

High School Diploma Template With Seal

certificate template

There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for designing a certificate template when you can do it yourself easily. By following the above-cited guidelines, you can design a formal High School Diploma Template With Seal without any hassle!

10+ High School Diploma Templates-Free Printables!!

High School Diploma Templates

High school diploma is an award which is awarded to every student who has successfully completed any course with all things attached for the fulfillment of the particular course. A course is designed for two or three years; we are talking about the formal diploma courses though some advanced diploma courses cover only one year!

Maximum of us showcase the certificate of high school diploma on the wall of the workstation, and it makes us remember that we really have done something remarkable. Achieving the degree is a tough task, and there is no doubt but maintaining a trade school or a college is tougher than that also.
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As a student, we may not realize how much hard it is to manage a whole intuition!  When we plunge into a responsibility like designing a high school degree certificate template or something like that we start to realize the bigger picture of the institute management.

Today we will discuss how a high school diploma certificate template is produced and how much works are involved in designing the beautiful certificate which every wants to showcase. Let’s move to the parts where the process is categorized into some sub-parts so that we can understand the full-length process very easily.

High School Diploma Template

High School Diploma means a course which may include anything from science, humanity or commerce! When someone is enrolled in these courses, they have to go through several examinations, viva, practical courses and many things.

Within three years (two years for some courses) students become industry ready and ready for their kinds of jobs. After the successful completion of the courses, every study is felicitated with a graceful high school diploma template certificate. Our point of discussion is that- how to make or design a high school diploma certificate template.

High School Diploma Template With Seal

Choosing The Best Basic High School Diploma Template

When someone is assigned to a work of designing a high school certificate template, he or she has to choose a basic design to work on first. And trust me this is the toughest step. Every designer tumbles here because if he or she chooses something wrong the whole effort will be nipped in the bud at last.
So the first point is to select a basic template for the high school diploma template.

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Here are the few points which we have to keep in mind while planning to design the full proof template-


One of the most important parameters and the overall look of a certificate depend on it, in modern days portrait is accepted though in some cases some institutions still use the landscape orientation to maintain their signature styles which have been maintaining for the last couple of decades.

So before choosing any template we have to make sure which way we have to proceed, for that we may have to have a meet with the high school authority. This is a parameter which should be mutually discussed. Sometimes contents in a certificate decide which template suits the design best.


It’s an important parameter of every certificate. Size matters a lot when we are to design something which is print friendly. If any institution is changing its certificate template in a hurry then we should design something which is really print friendly and for which printing press has no necessity to change the printing setup and make custom size papers!

Maximum Universities and colleges followed designs which needed custom size papers because there were a lot of chances of being faked by others. But nowadays printing technology becomes a very high tech, and there is no need of custom papers, the papers itself bear the proof of originality. So designers can go for any print-friendly size. We prefer the A4 size and letter size because there are two sizes which are considered as universal sizes.

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A certificate becomes a beautiful piece when the margin is designed beautifully, and the best part of the certificate lies on the margins, not in the contents. So decide first, how much margin you should allow before finalizing the design. Once you finalize the margin gap, you can plunge into the other designing works. If there is ample margin gap, you can place some decorative designs there so that the contents in the certificate become more gorgeous.


The content in a certificate is the most effective lines that touch our hearts and pull the strings of our hearts after a long time even after we passed out. These lines remind us the college days and the days we use to pass with our buddies and teachers- truly memorable. So the content in a certificate may not attract a youngster that much, but when he grows older, then he will start to feel the warmth of those lines. So keeping the lines touching and tight is another point we have to look after while designing.

The content in a certificate is the most effective lines that touch our hearts and pull the strings of our hearts after a long time even after we passed out. These lines remind us the college days and the days we use to pass with our buddies and teachers- truly memorable. So the content in a certificate may not attract a youngster that much, but when he grows older, then he will start to feel the warmth of those lines. So keeping the lines touching and tight is another point we have to look after while designing.


The last but not the least- color. Every color bears a sign, and it’s really important to decide which color to go with. Always avoid choosing something which is multicolored or a mix of a lot of bright colors. Choose some soothing colors which are not that bright but carry some gravity. You can choose more than one colors for the separate lines but choose homogenous colors that suit the formality of a certificate. Don’t go for choosing two colors from two different color zones. Choose two colors in such a way so that it does not make an eye-catching contrast.

High School Diploma Template- Some Free Templates 

For your inspirations, we have provided some sample certificate template of the high school here in below-


high school diploma templates


free diploma templates


high school diploma templates


high school diploma template



high school diploma templates

These are the points we need to take while designing a formal high school diploma certificate template. Try to carry the weight of the institution along with the lines and designs!

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Job Proposal Template To Pitch Employers

Job Proposal Templates

Looking for Job Proposal Template?

In today’s competitive world, finding a proper job that matches our expertise is very tough. In a formal 15-20 minutes, interview interviewers hardly penetrate expertise zone of a candidate. That’s why a job proposal is important. It describes everything about your strengths and expertises at a glance. Interviewers understand your ability and expertises fully if a standard job proposal can be produced.

Now point comes, how to write a magical job proposal? It portrays your abilities. To make the process easier, we have picked some really good job proposal templates for you. You just need to edit some blank spaces. That’s all. You are done and can send your professional job proposal to the recruiters.

Job Proposal Template

Before proceeding, you need to know, which things should be added into a job proposal letter.

Work Order Template

Job Proposal Template- Points to be added

  • The first section contains your name, contact and highlighting points of your skills and expertises.
  • The second section contains your experiences. Always add the time of joining and resign if you have worked with multiple companies. Include the job profile and which things you needed to take care of.
  • The third section includes your academics and the last qualification in brief.
  • And your personal details i.e. address postal address in the last section.

Always remember that a perfect job proposal increases your chance to get a job even before the interview! Interviewers get an overall idea by seeing the proposal.

Job Proposal Template

 Job Proposal Template- Some technical points

  • A job proposal should be designed in such a way that you will not have to utter a single word on your experiences and academics.
  • It should include all the possible info in brief why a potential employer should hire you

If you don’t know how to write job proposal letter, then there is nothing to worry about because we have arranged some of the best proposal letters for you. These are best of the bests. Check the templates below, and we are sure you will also fall love with these.

Edit your personal details and BINGOOO…..

You can attach your photo with the proposal letter.

Job Proposal Template

You can try to make one yourself, but we will not encourage that because that may have some errors and now that you don’t have any experience and knowledge how a proposal letter is made, don’t let yourself try this.

Free Job Proposal Letter Templates

#1 this is a clean and beautiful template with which you can impress your boss or potential boss to get a higher position or a new opening. This is simple and can portray all the things easily.

#2 If you are entering into professional life, be confident about your strong points. Portray what you can do at your best level.

#3 easily editable, neat and simple which can hit the eyes of the employers directly. Edit your details and start seeing the magic around you.

Let us know which template for job proposal you like most and provide valuable feedback by commenting below. It will help us to enrich our knowledge also.

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DA Form 31 Free Download

Da Form 31

Looking for DA Form 31 ?

DA Form 31 is used by the Department of Army. The authorization of military leave is done by DA form 31. The beginning and end of the leave can be marked by it. The address and telephone number of the soldier are recorded to contact them at the time of emergency.  The address of the place at which the official is residing on leave is also included in this form. This form takes few minutes for filling and is very simple. The completion of the form is carried out in two ways i.e. manually and online.  The format in which this form is available is printer friendly PDF format. For positive identification, it uses social security number.

Importance of DA Form 31

If the leave days chargeable to the leave account of soldiers are required to be certified, then DA Form 31 solves the purpose. The records of the leave and payment can be updated through this DA form 31. For signature, it is sent to the commander.  This form entails four parts. Part 1 includes leave and personal information. Travel and emergency leave transportation come under part 2. Part 3 and part 4 includes authentication for travel authorization and dependent travel authorization. The information which is mentioned in this form by the official who is taking leave is shared with DOD employees or official so as to perform their duties to local, state and federal law enforcement authorities inapposite cases.

Is This Form Necessary?

As the military officials are important for safeguarding our country but they also need to leave, so the form which is filled for authorization of their leave is DA Form 31. This form is necessary as it provides the information regarding the address of the official where he or she is residing at the time of his or her leave along with phone number so as to meet out emergency.  Therefore, DA Form 31 is necessary for the department of the army.

Graduation speech ideas: Preparing Graduation Speeches

Graduation speeches are given to the students who have passed graduation successfully on the day of the graduation ceremony. Sometimes these are given by any notable figure and sometimes some students are also asked to say something about their journey in the institution.

Giving a graduation speech is not a matter of “5 minutes standing speech”. A lot of things revolve around the speeches. That’s why everyone should be prepared before giving any speech in the graduation ceremony. If you lack in the ideas for the speech, we are here to help you with some really impressive ideas.

But before preparing your speech to make some points very clear in your mind. Have a look at the below-mentioned points; these should be maintained carefully while preparing the graduation speeches.

Best Graduation Speech Ideas

Short and precise: The speech should be short and to the point. It does not require any introduction. Directly jump into the topics and your experiences. It should not be too long because in modern days we are used to the “précised thoughts”.

Graduation speech ideas

Speeches must have personal touches: Your speeches must include some personal touches. Otherwise, it might be monotonous for everyone because almost all of us know the basic environments of a graduation school and aware of that. So instead of giving data figure and recalling the memories of the teachers, professors, and friends, try to add some personal experiences (if it’s related to your fear, then how did you overcome that, etc. etc.)

Avoid controversial talks: We all have some bitter experiences in our life. It may happen that we don’t like any particular person in our colleges or university. He/she may be our teacher, professor or lab assistant. There may be any conflict of ideas or other things. Don’t drag things like these into your graduation day speech. Because the person you hate most may be loved by others!

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Pick some “out of the box” points: Share your unique experiences with your juniors, and it is really a golden moment for you because, in the same institution, you were in the seats of the students before some years. You can share some mischievous stories of your graduation life.

Graduation Speech Ideas

Here we are providing some “starts” for the graduation speech because only you can arrange the topics and arrange them in order. We have discussed above, try to maintain those while writing your speeches.

All the graduation speeches have some themes; we are highlighting the themes so that you can prepare your speeches on that. Add your personal stories with these and these will become a perfect speech.

Let’s move to the themes for graduation day speech-

  • “Student life is to make a mistake. The more mistakes you do, the more you learn.” So you can start telling a short speech on how to use the mistake to build your career. Share your mistakes which you have done during graduation and how did you mould those mistakes into your strength.
  • Start some motivational talks like “never giving up on a dream”. Blend the dreams of the graduate students and the difficulties people actually face when they are put into the real world. How to tackle that “hell and heaven” differences.
  • Else you can start with something unique like “never forgetting your roots”, blend the culture and all the things with the education system and help the students to realize that being a graduate they are open to the world but by keeping the roots of life strong they can manage to build an empire like a big tree with different branches.

5+ Meeting Agenda Template – Free Download!!

Meeting Agenda Template

Looking for Free Meeting agenda template?

Meeting agenda template is an important part of any meeting, and if it’s a directors’ meeting, then there is nothing to stress on the point of the importance of these sheets. There are several kinds of meeting agenda sheets.

Employees’ meeting agenda templates differ from the meeting agenda sheet of the directors and CEO’s meeting agenda sheet differs from these two types of agenda sheet. But let me inform you there are many sheets where a general agenda can be written for all. We better can it a “generalized meeting agenda sheet.”

Having a pre-planned agenda for a specific meeting can’t guarantee that the meeting will run buttery smooth, however, if any issue or problem arises, the pre-planned agenda sheet will help the members to stick to the points of the discussion, or you better can say the core part of the meeting.

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In a parallel way, it helps to identify and to address the problems unveiled in the operation of the business and gets that company back on track of smooth ride. What a clear agenda makes? It’s very effective to guide the meeting towards the desired track and helps us to focus on the points the meeting was arranged for.

It saves time and if we stick to the points of discussion some new ways to solve the issues or problems will be opened as everyone will stick to the points strictly.

Why are the meeting agenda template important?

Let’s look at the advantages of keeping a meeting agenda sheet for all executive level meeting. Here are these-

  • It acts as a guide for everyone, and you better can say it functions as the constitution of a meeting.
  • It makes everyone clear what is the meeting about and which points are going to be discussed.
  • It saves a lot of time and helps us to come to the conclusion fast. So in a word, it makes the whole meeting efficient.

But if some of your employees don’t have any idea of the meeting agenda, then? No way for wasting time. The best option available is “online.” There are plenty of templates for meeting agenda sheet.

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You can provide these sheets as hardcopy, or you can upload on the cloud so everyone can share their points and let your team leaders decide the points where most attention is needed. Points should be arranged priority wise. You can provide free fillable PDF also. Though collecting information through cloud computing is a trendy idea, many companies still prefer pen-paper meeting instead of the PPTs.

Meeting Agenda Template

These board meeting agenda templates simply work as an outline for all the required steps involved in an executive level meeting. But for that, you need to make sure that every employee is your company or the persons are asked to attend the meeting know why the meeting is being called for.

Let us know your takes on the meeting agenda sheets and the design of the templates of these. Maximum are very traditional, and you can choose any of these for yours.

So, these are some meeting minutes template aka Meeting Agenda Templates for free download. Let us know if you have anything to say in the comments section below.

5th Grade Spelling Words For Kids!!

5th Grade Spelling Words

The parents and teachers must conduct weekly spelling test to improve vocabulary of 5th-grade students. You should start this weekly ritual from the first grade. Although we can speak and write in English, it does not mean we possess a great vocabulary. Thats why most children find home spelling test preparation pretty boring. Because we are confined to one type of words only. That’s where we step in with proper and effective 5th-grade spelling curriculum!

Why Is Spelling Words Important?

Before, we jump into the main part. Let’s talk about the importance of spelling words.

Spelling is the most critical factor that helps in reading. It develops the concrete bridge between letters and sounds of words. Just like reading, spelling is essential to gain proficiency with the language.

Most children have a fear about spelling test. The major reason is the lack of variation in the spelling words. In the end, the kid will inhibit writing, although he/she has to write throughout the lifetime. If your kids performance is poor regarding spelling words, then his/her reading and writing skills will suffer badly. Kids who struggle with spelling words, always select poor and wrong words while writing.

Poor spelling always leaves a bad impression about you. People always notice the bad spelling before anything else. Surprisingly, one can ignore punctuation errors but not spelling mistakes!

In simple words, you must pay attention to devising a spelling words curriculum for your kid. Otherwise, kids future will be on the line just because of poor spelling skills. Spelling words is a crucial matter when it comes to academic performance. But it also aids in communicating and taking directions.

Sequence Of 5th Grade Spelling Words

You must follow a proper sequence when you are teaching new words to kids. In 5th-grade spelling curriculum, most words come with prefixes and suffixes. Your list must start with simple to difficult words. For instance, function, signal, battery, century, censor or projector, etc. This curriculum mostly comprised of words with -ER, -LY and -TION suffixes. Coming to prefixes, you can add words like reviews, prefix, disconnect, rewind or transform. Now, move to the little difficult words with a silent letter like chaos, knitting, hustle, assign, and bomb, etc. You must include past tense verbs such as delayed, bought, shook, repaired and became, etc.

5th Grade Spelling Words

How To Teach 5th Grade Spelling Words?

Don’t confine you to spelling tests only. 5th-grade students are always into games and extracurricular activities. Trust me; they don’t opt for writing words over playing games. So why not teach them using games? You must design indoor spelling words games and activities. This is the only way to assist you to kid excel in spelling words!

Start the initial lessons using games and activities. This way, your students or kids will develop the interest in reading and writing. Let them play with words a little bid. Spelling words directly contribute to overall language sub-components like phonics, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and reading. Development of interest in words is the first step towards regular reading and writing. The skilled and fluent reader or writers have developed the habit over the years based on spelling words ultimately. Irrespective of the background, anyone can become skilled speller, if follows the sequence and curriculum properly. Nowadays, various methods have been introduced for this skill. For instance, spelling programs, games, workbooks and computer programs, etc.

Above cited techniques are for all 5th-grade students. But sometimes, sharp students want to go beyond standard learning process. Such students need more intensive spelling programs. In this case, you must help them with high-quality spelling material, daily tests and provide them with rich language environment.

Reading Comprehension Activities

Reading is most important to learn news words for improved vocabulary. Reading comprehension activities is the best way to do it. Skilled readers always use following self-monitoring technique while reading comprehension:

  • Anticipating what will happen next by analyzing hints presented in text
  • Asking questions to understand moral, message or plot of the text
  • Monitoring the sequence of events, story, context and characters
  • Clarify the confusing parts of the text
  • Connecting the new events with prior experience

Of course, you must help and teach them how to use above cited tactics. The best way to do it is giving the demonstration of above-listed reading activities. When you are working on their reading skills, make periodic stops to ask questions about the context of a story. This way, you will know, how they are comprehending the story!

For instance, if you are reading a difficult paragraph, stop and say that you could not understand the text. Let them interpret their part of understanding. Then read the passage again to discuss new understanding. In simple words, there are hundred of ways to do it!

5th Grade Spelling Curriculum

Let’s move to the final part. Here, I have arranged a list of words for 5th-grade spelling curriculum:

  • Empty
  • Elect
  • Expect
  • Nestle
  • Injure
  • Pulse
  • Punish
  • Nominate
  • Complain
  • Waist
  • Remain
  • Nation
  • Photo
  • Rivalry
  • Publish
  • Stow
  • Porch
  • Churn
  • Amaze
  • Error
  • Phase
  • Recent
  • Lose
  • Cereal
  • Monkeys
  • Oxen
  • Radios
  • Potatoes
  • Yacht
  • Crumb
  • Lamb
  • Flight
  • Laser
  • Solar
  • Discolor
  • Lighter
  • Rustle
  • Assign
  • Knuckle
  • Answer

Hopefully, this guide will help you in developing skills of approaching, reading and interpreting text! You can use this guide to give your kid some really good 5th-grade spelling words for practice.