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5+ Durable Power of Attorney Form Templates Download!!

Durable Power of Attorney Form

Looking for Durable Power of Attorney Form? You’re in luck!

A durable power of attorney enables all the users of it to handle someone’s transaction and taking a decision in absent of the person. Basically, by this one you will be the legal representative of the attorney provider and the agreement allows you to take every decision including financial too.

Durable Power Of Attorney Form- Where To Use

A durable power of attorney form can be used for below-mentioned purposes. Let’s have a look on these-

Banking Deposits and Withdrawals: If you own a bank account or bank deposit you can make someone durable power of attorney using this form.

Retirement Accounts: If someone is going to be retired soon, he or she can select someone as the power of attorney to carry out the tasks especially if he or she is ill.

Real Estate Transactions: Owning a house is itself a big thing while getting any transaction for the real estate purpose if you are not in the city, you can make someone durable power of attorney.

Mail: To mail some business documents on behalf of someone you need to be a power holder of the power of attorney.

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A financial power of attorney is basically a simple and reliable way to arrange for someone to manage your finances if you become incapacitated and can no longer make decisions for yourself. The person you name as your power of attorney will be legally permitted to handle important matters for you, which includes paying bills and managing investments if you are not able to do so for yourself.

Durable Power of Attorney Forms- Some Basics

Using a power of attorney form you can manage a lot of things like appointing someone to look after your finance, taxation, your business, medical etc. A durable power of attorney is an agreement that gives you the power of taking a decision on almost everything that is covered in the agreement even of the power provider becomes mentally ill to do that. So if you are making someone the power of attorney for something then always make sure you are confident about it especially if the person is apart from your parents or better half.

How a Durable Power of Attorney works

You can make several powers of attorneys at a time with some specifications. Like, if you want to make someone eligible to look after your finance and if you want your child to take over the financial things when your child becomes an adult. This kind of things can easily figure out using the durable power of attorney forms.

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How a Durable Power of Attorney is different from a Springing Power of Attorney

There is a special difference between these two powers of attorneys. The durable power of attorney is valid for all occasion while the springing power of attorney valid only if you become mentally challenged to take the decision. I think that you got the point. In a general power of attorney the person who is given power has some limitations like “asking the person before taking a decision.

Durable Power of Attorney Form

Let us know how much it benefited you through this piece. Stay tuned and stay aware of the facts of all POAs.

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The DA Form 4856 (Developmental Counseling Form) – Guidelines!!

da form 4856

Looking to download DA form 4856?

There are a lot of forms involved in every official process. We are living in the era of digitization, and that’s why physical forms are going to be obsolete items while filling able forms are taking place in the process. If you are from the hardcore US military group then also you have to go through filling some data sheets and forms and The DA form 4856, or Developmental Counseling Form is one of them.

DA 4856

The DA 4856, or Developmental Counseling Form- What it is

All the soldiers from E-4 rank or below receive this counseling while the commandant of these soldiers fills the forms. It’s basically a form where any deficiency can be written. DA form 4856 is FM 6-22 which is the basic reference form for all. It’s the “keystone leadership manual” and followed everywhere in the US army.

The DA Form 4856- Importance of this form

There are many officers who are out of commission in the US military, and they are generally marked as the NCO which stands for Non-Commissioned Officer.

One of the big responsibilities of these officers is to provide proper counseling to the troops in his or her command. These kinds of counseling are important especially when some problems pop up and more specifically to give importance to those problems which do not come up to a level requiring reference to the UCMJ. All these unnoticed points should be addressed through the DA Form 4856, the Developmental Counseling Form

The DA 4856, or Developmental Counseling Form- Download Online

The DA 4856 form is available online from various sources, and there are two basic versions- one is a PDF version while another is a DOC versions. The DOC file can be easily printed and get filled up physically using Pen, and the DA 4856 PDF is a fillable PDF which can be filled easily using PDF reader and can be saved by renaming the file.

The DA 4856, or Developmental Counseling Form- Sections

There are two pages and four different parts in this form. Let’s move to the next section where we have discussed on how to properly fill the form.

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How to Fill Out a DA 4845 Form

Part I: It’s for Administrative Data. There are blank spaces for filling the name of the troop and the rank. The space for mentioning the date of the counseling is also there. Apart from these, the name of the counselor and the military group of which the troop is a member can be noted, and there are spaces for that also.

Part II: It’s practically for all the background information. There is a big space for describing of what is to go and the points for the performances and event oriented counseling etc. Counselor can add some comments describing the facts and observations noticed before counseling also

Part III: This part is the summary of the counseling and it’s the biggest part of the Form DA 4856. It should be filled by the counseling during the counseling or right after the counseling. There are four separate sections of it- are Key Points of Discussion, Plan of Action, Session Closing, and Leader Responsibilities.

Part IV: This is the assessment section of the plan of action and considerably the last part of the DA 4856. There are spaces for signs of the Counsellor and counselee both.

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Certificate Of Appreciation Template Free Download!!

A certificate of appreciation template is an award that acknowledges achievements and hard work of an individual or group. Precisely, this certificate is a professional document used by companies or organizations to recognize individuals for their efforts. 

What Are Certificate Of Appreciation Template?

This award can be given for any achievement including tenure of service, performance, the donation to charity, closing a big deal or retirement. In simple words, this certificate appreciates the concerned individual in best possible manner!

Certificate Of Appreciation Template

Elements Of Certificates Of Appreciation Template

The simplest form of the certificate of appreciation includes a simple amount of text. The text may start with the general statement of appreciation or name of the award. The main body elaborates the reason for fabricating the certificate.

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In most cases, the main body includes official acknowledgment message for an individual on behalf of company or organization. In simple words, this section showcases details about recipients action, such as working for 40 years in the company or making the donation to the homeless shelter. After the message of gratitude, it includes a name of the recipient and signature of the official person that issued the certificate.

Certificate Of Appreciation Template

How To Present The Certificates Of Appreciation?

The official bodies always organize the ceremony to present the certificate of appreciation. Such ceremonies include a short speech to commemorate great achievements of the recipient and how such actions affected the organization. The companies or businesses always use these certificates to show gratitude towards services and hard work of employees. Many Non-profit organizations and charities recognize the generosity of volunteers by issuing these awards.

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How To Select Best Certificate Of Appreciation Template

A certificate of appreciation is an ideal way to appreciate effort, time and contribution of an individual towards company or organization. Practically, without any cost, you can convey your message in a fun way through this certificate.

Certificate Of Appreciation Template

You can use either template or make a new certificate from scratch. In both cases, you have to keep certain things in mind. You cannot use same design and format to appreciate all kinds of services and achievements. That’s why we have devised this section that will help you in making or choosing the best certificate of appreciation.

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A Certificate Of Appreciation Must Be Appropriate For Occasion

A company may issue appreciation award for any reason. So, the certificate should be selected accordingly.For instance, you are issuing the certificate to a kid. Then it must be colorful and graphically appealing to the kid. If you are planning to give the certificate to employees, then it should be formal. In a case of teachers, the certificate should be formal with text showing respect and gratitude. There is no hard and fast rule. You just need to make it compatible with the occasion.

Certificates Of Appreciation

Personalize The Certificates Of Appreciation

Whether you download the template or make the new certificate, you must add personalized details. Such as, the name of the recipient, a reason for appreciation award, a name of the company and name of the person who is giving the award. You should include logos, emblems or symbol to make it more formal and unique.

Certificates Of Appreciation

Use Good Quality Paper

In the end, print out the certificate on good quality paper to leave the positive impression. It will look better if framed. For sure, the frame won’t cost that much!

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Auto Repair Work order Template Free Download

Auto Repair Work order Template

Auto repair work order template is a service work order that contains each and every job related to an auto repair task. It consists of some sequential tasks that are needed to complete the task within due time. Getting the right template for auto repair order is not a tiresome job as using the internet you can get a lot of ideas that can easily propel your thoughts on this.

Doing auto repairing is a great task itself; it needs a lot of engineering concepts and utmost dedication. That’s why when finalizing the template for repairing, follow the route. Don’t just copy and paste template details from another one. Like your auto repair work, try to add something (your signature style) into the work order template also.

Auto Repair Work order Template

Before chasing the design for your garage jobs, make sure that the templates you have shortlisted have all the necessary parameters to be chosen as the final one. Have a look below to find out the parameters. When an auto comes for repairing, the work order should include these below-mentioned things-

When an auto comes for repairing, the work order should include these below-mentioned things-

Chart fields: There should be some cells where the details must be put because you are going to undertake the whole car for repairs. So mentioning the things as you receive the car is necessary.

Quantity: How many cars are being undertaken for repair jobs.

Part number: Part no should be there because it’s necessary to take the task forward. Part no is basically a reference for understanding the jobs related to this task better (in-house use only).

Description: Full description of the superficial reference and if something isn’t working that should be mentioned properly.

Price amount: Estimated amount should be paid for the task must be mentioned there on the auto repair work order template.

Here we are providing some templates for your inspiration. You can get a clearer knowledge how to design the template you need. You need to focus your thoughts and the designs you have imagined and these templates will help you arrange the orders just.

#1 This template is awesome for the engineers who have opened a new garage for auto repair jobs. You can easily edit this reference template with your details replaced. There is no copyright issue on this template. So you can easily use this and even can modify the things according to your needs if you want to.

Auto Repair Work order Template

#2 It’s another cool template that easily fits for your auto repairing startup. Easily do the edits because, like the previous one, it doesn’t hold any copyright issue and all, So, you can modify this one fearlessly and make your one more beautiful.

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Auto Repair Work order Template

Let us know your thoughts about these templates. We are again telling you one thing- these are purely for inspirational purpose so that you can design your auto repair work order template easily without any hesitation. Don’t forget to provide your suggestions and input to make this one more user-friendly and useful.

How To Use Employee Disciplinary Write Up Form

Discipline is the utmost virtue in a developed nation. For an organized company it’s similarly important. But when employees fail to maintain certain disciplinary rules setup by the company, an employee write up form is issued to bring down the matter which is the ultimate reason behind the chaos on the desk to resolve that with conversations and sometimes with strict actions.

Employee disciplinary write up form- What’s it?

There is nothing new on these forms. With some parameters, these forms are issued either for discussion or show cause. These forms all are now sent via email. Earlier, companies used to send signed hard copies. But with the advancement of the ERP section, HR module provides all necessary access to the HR personnel sending the employee disciplinary write up forms

Why are these forms sent?

  • These forms can be sent on multiple occasions like-
  • Misbehaviors of the employees
  • For breaking any office rule during the office time
  • Sexual abuse at a workplace is a criminal offense nowadays. If someone is found guilty of it then the person is show caused through Employee write up form pdf first and then proper actions are taken.
  • Breaching any kind of nondisclosure agreement. NDCs are very important for the key persons. Nowadays it falls under corporate criminal offense act.

Employee disciplinary form- Types and varieties

There are many types of disciplinary forms; we are going to discuss on some of the widely used forms so that any startup can take the opportunity to introduce this kind of forms to manage their human resources.

#1 This is a straight forward letter, and you can edit this easily by replacing the name. Here you can find the actual points like “what the incident was’, ‘when it happened,’ ‘what will be the consequences’ if the incident is repeated y the same people.

# If you are a public agency and want to introduce the same there, then you need to select a different approach. Once anything happens, then you can suggest introducing these forms to prevent the future clashes. This is a perfect example of having such forms in the public agencies.

# We often think what should be the perfect thing for a college or an educational institution? Here we have a perfect example of this, and if you are the in charge of any college, you can opt for this one as a reference, and with some simple edits, you can start using this awesome employee disciplinary form.

# The best reference of a perfect employee disciplinary form is here. Parameters are divided into four layers or levels. For the statement of the employee show-caused, there is a space. A suggestion for corrective action plan is also there. If you are in a hurry then it could be the perfect one to opt for immediately.

Let us know your choice and take on this discussion and if you have any suggestion then don’t forget to mention that by commenting below.

Work Order Template Word [DOC]- Free Work Order Templates!!

Looking for Work Order Template Word?

Simply, a work order is the order received by a business from a customer. An order can be placed within the same organization too. People may refer to work order as job order, job ticket, service ticket or work order.

So, What’s work order template word?

A work order is a legal and written request made by the client to acquire specified services or goods.

Work Order Template Word

In any business, the work order template serves as a routine chart for regular operations. Not only it shows the importance of a project but also tells us about the work to be done.

A successful business needs to place an order on regular terms. To make the work less hectic, the owners use receipt template. So, they can print it out and fill the fields with required information.

Fortunately, we are living in the era of technology. Everything is available online, so does the work order template word. You can find templates with interesting designs and patterns.

In fact, we did the hard work for you and have provided the best work order template word for you.

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Why Do You Need A Work Order Template Word?

  • It is not safe to do business dealing without any proof. To place the order, the businesses need a work order form.
  • It makes operations easier for both business and clients. One can know the proper structure and layout of the project with the order form.
  • The larger companies and organizations cannot afford to deal without using work order forms. Because it is not possible to keep a record of everything without having receipts.
  • Fortunately, we have templates in digital form. Within a sec, we can print out the form and save us a hell lot of time.

Benefits of Using Work Order Template Word

The foremost advantage of using work order form is tracking of different projects. Let’s take the example of the construction project. A standard project would need raw materials, labor, and machinery, etc. For each, the business needs to place the order. And that’s why job order steps in.

A particular project needs to be done in several stages. For each stage, the business may need different materials and services. To save time and energy, the businesses rely on job tickets. Not only it helps in planning but also escalates the efficiency of the work done.

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There is no need to hire the designer for this job. You can simply search and download the work order template. Most are available in Word and Excel format. So, it is easier to edit and customize them according to your demands.

Using the work order ticket can never be a wrong decision. It makes the business operation easier. Both owner and client exactly know what products and services have been asked.


Most importantly, it is a legal binding; a written proof demonstrating the terms of the agreement. In case of default, the other party can use it to sue the guilty party.

Free Work Order Template Word

For your convenience, we bring you a huge collection of work order template word as follows:

Work Order Template Word Work Order Template Word Work Order Template Word Work Order Template Word

So, these are some Work Order Template Word files that you can use. By the way, here is something you might want to take a look.

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5+ Maintenance Work Order Template Free Download!!

Maintenance Work Order Template

A work order is a document that specifies what needs to be done. It includes details like materials used, pricing, payment terms, contract details, and taxes, etc.

Maintenance Work Order Template

People use different names for different types of jobs. Such as service ticket, work ticket or job order.

The organizations use it internally and externally. The business may get the work receipt from outside. Or contractor has received the work order. It can be used to get work done from a specific department within the organization too. For example, the admin office may request maintenance department to check out the repairs or troubleshooting in the equipment using the maintenance work order template.

Businesses and contractors prefer to use work order template to acquire services.

Large companies rely on automated systems and software to generate work order receipts. But in case of small business owners and freelancers, one needs to depend on work order template.

Use of work order template adds to the efficiency of the business. It is the best way to communicate with clients. Not only it provides order details in organized form but also you can track the progress with it.

Free Maintenance Work Order Template – Printable

Different types of job order templates are available in the market. Each one for the specific job. The most popular types include maintenance work order template, repair work order template or automotive work order template.

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Here we have provided free work order templates specifically for maintenance jobs. You are free to download, print and use them. Customization is possible with these templates. There are some work order templates below and here are 30 more.

You can use these templates for both commercial and personal repairing services. It will save you a lot of time and energy. Most importantly, you can document the work details very well.

Maintenance Work Order Template Maintenance Work Order Template Maintenance Work Order Template Maintenance Work Order Template Maintenance Work Order Template Maintenance Work Order Template

Uses of Maintenance Work Order Template

  • Businesses need repairing and maintenance services on a recurring basis. It is not possible to create a new receipt for every work order. Instead business relies on work order template. All they need to do is print out the form and fill it according to the job.
  • The above given printable templates are used for all kinds of maintenance and repairing work orders. The organizations can place an order quickly without any hassle.
  • Although, the design and format of templates are good. But still, you can customize them according to your needs.
  • Above given work order templates are perfect for businesses. Due to general fields, it can be used for any type of industry.

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  • Corporate clients mainly use maintenance work order receipts. Purchase and machinery departments cannot operate properly with having a work order template.
  • But of course, maintenance can be required at any department anytime. Whether you are in admin or sales department, any machine can stop working anytime. And that’s when you need to use work order form to acquire the desired services.
  • It helps corporate executives and managers to keep a record of maintenance work happened in a calendar year.
  • Service managers and operators find the maintenance receipt template as the basic necessity.

Next time you need maintenance services, please use above given work order template to save your time.

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Blank Invoice Template – Free Printable Samples!!

blank invoice

What Is A Blank Invoice Template?

In order to attract potential customers, your business needs to utilize transparent and secure transaction system. It does not matter whether the business is local or international, the customers won’t value it if they see the transactions as risky. You can solve the problem by introducing invoice system in your billing infrastructure.

blank invoice

Basically, an invoice is a document that states information about the services rendered or goods supplied by your business. With the help of an invoice system, one can track the transactional records of the clientele.

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Use of invoice system is a lucrative step for your business. In past, the owners would consult printing houses or designers to get the customized blank invoice templates. That would cut a large pie of overall profit margin. Fortunately, the situation is totally opposite thanks to technology right now. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on getting a customized blank invoice template. All you need to have access to the internet, that’s it.

How To Get Blank Invoice Template?

The answer to this question is this article. Don’t waste money on hiring a professional designer for an invoice template when you can do the job by yourself. Today, the creation of customized template is few clicks away. Not only you can download the template as per needs but also can edit it.

  • Microsoft Word is the preferred choice for making sophisticated invoice slip. No matter how tempted you are to use fancy fonts, still don’t use them. In Word, not only you can design the slip but also can add the text as required.
  • If you are looking forward to more technical design, Microsoft Excel will help you in this regard.
  • Hundreds of websites are out there offering the few invoice templates for those who cannot make them. All you need to do is download them and insert the information like business name and transaction details, etc.
  • You can seek help from invoice generating software in case previous methods don’t work. You can find online tools to automatically generate the blank invoice template. Furthermore, the chances of errors are pretty less with such software.

Basic Elements Of Blank Invoice Template

  • The header is the most important element of any invoice template. This part contains information like business name, address, contact number and registration number.
  • The diagram part is the area used to itemize the services. Basically, it has two columns. In the first column, you mention the names of items. You quote the prices in the second column.
  • You can also add additional information like email address, customer payment information or contact number of customer.
  • For an aesthetic and sophisticated look, you append the business logo too.

No matter what you add in the invoice, just make it look professional and sophisticated. Avoid using funky and fancy fonts or designs.

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Free Blank Invoice Templates

It will take forever to check all websites for perfect looking blank invoice template. We have done the hard part for you. Here we have provided the free blank invoice templates for your convenience.

blank invoice template

free blank invoice

Blank Invoice Template

invoice template

So, these are some Blank Invoice Template that you can download use.

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Employee Time Sheet – Free Printable Templates Download!!

employee timesheet

Looking for Downloadable Employee Time Sheet?

By the weekend, you have spent the week putting out fires by leading employees and urging them to meet the deadlines and fulfilling the expectations of customers without getting extra funds. There is one last thing to do before you head for the party: Employee time tracking.

To track the work done by the employee, we all fill out employee time sheets just like we fill out work order templates.

What Is A Timesheet?

As the name implies, timesheet is a process of recording the time spent by an employee on work.

In simple word, employee time sheet is a piece of paper on which you write down and calculate hours an employee spent working.

employee timesheet

In past, the employers would make the time sheets manually. Recording and calculation of hours are another headaches. Fortunately, we are living in the world where everything is available on the internet. You can find thousands of employee time sheet templates that operate in MS Word or Excel. In the software you just need to add the hours manually. Rest of calculation is done by Excel itself. If you are more of the old school, you can simply print out the blank employee time sheet templates for recording employee working hours.

Types Of Employee Time sheet

time sheet

Thousands of templates are available on the internet. But we don’t need all of them. You must pick the time sheet that matches your payroll and billing cycle. Based on payroll cycle, following are the most commonly used types of employee time sheet:

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Most organizations used weekly time sheets as this type promote accurate timely entry of data. It is a common practice for businesses to use weekly time sheet even though it does not contribute to fixed payroll or salary, etc.

Weekly End-Of-Month

As said earlier, most organization prefer a weekly recording of employee working hours. But there is one problem. At the end of the month, the administrator faces a difficulty while calculating monthly payroll. The problem is that ending a day of month and time sheet period is not same. The weekly end-of-month time sheet is the solution to this problem. In this type, the first and last week of the month gets flexed by shortening or lengthening the days. This is done to ensure that month ends on the same day as that on time sheet period.

Importance Of Employee Time Sheet

  • Protection: Accurately done employee time sheets serve as legal documents both for employer and employee. In the case of potential litigation regarding unpaid payroll or missed breaks can resolve using the timesheets. If the issue is related to payroll, the parties just need to verify the time sheets with employee’s hours. Because of these documents, every wage dispute can be resolved fairly.
  • Detailed Records: Timesheet does not record entry and exit of the employee. It is used for tracking overtime, double time and meal breaks too. Sometimes, the organization faces disputes because they don’t record meal breaks which put them in litigation. So, you must select a detailed time sheet.
  • Punctuality & Attendance: In case the employee has arrived earlier or late, time sheets flag these events too which are a violation of attendance policy.

Free Employee Timesheet Templates

To save you from hassle, we are providing a huge collection of employee time sheet as follows:

Employee Time Sheet

Employee Time Sheet

hourly employee time sheet

employee time sheet template

Hopefully, next time you can avoid payroll disputes by using employee time sheet.

High School Diploma Template With Seal – Free Printables

High School Diploma Template With Seal

High School Diploma Template With Seal

Are you a designer who has been assigned a job of making High School Diploma Template With Seal? Then, you have landed on the right place! As we have a significant collection of printable high school diploma certificate templates.

High School Diploma Template With Seal

High school diploma certificate is something very dear to every student. As this certificate is issued to students on successful completion of high school diploma courses. Just like students, school certificate is valuable for private or trade high schools.

Every school happens to issue uniquely designed High School Diploma Template With Seal to duly passed students. Although the school administration wants to own a distinctive certificate design it must comply with the standards. Fortunately, we are living in the era of internet where everything can be found online. So, if you are designing a high school diploma certificate template, the internet is the best source for inspiration.

How To Choose Best High School Diploma Template With Seal?

You will find tons of websites which are offering printable High School Diploma Template With Seal. Honestly, all of them are not good. You need to keep a check on few things before choosing the template which is as follow:

  • First set the proper dimension or orientation of the certificate.
  • Next, decide whether you need a rich formatted template or simple certificate template for high school diploma.
  • Also decide, whether you need a template on which digital signature can be used or you will sign the diploma certificate by hand.

As mentioned before, you will find thousands of templates online. You must choose the one best suited to your demands. And you can get one by checking following points:


High School Diploma Template With Seal

Honestly, there is no fixed orientation or dimension for school certificate template. The school administration always picks a design which goes with their standards. Despite having differences, formality and elegance are the primary facts about all certificate designs. And when it comes to formal design, nothing serves better than portrait or landscape format.


A4 and letter sizes are print friendly sizes. Most schools prefer A4 as they can be printed with any printer easily. After all, you will issue printed diploma certificate to students. Landscape format is preferred choice for old institutions. But newest schools are using trendy portrait format for the certificate.


Resist the temptation to use several colors in one template. The diploma certificate should look professional and formal which is impossible to look with so many colors.

Always remember, “less is more”. Your template will look like a kid’s design if you have used more than four colors.

Choose the lighter colors to retain the formal appearance of the certificate. Try to leave white space in the middle, so you can place the school’s watermark and text as desired.

In the end, don’t forget to add a beautiful border.

High School Diploma Template


No matter how attractive the font looks, don’t ever choose unless it is listed in official fonts. Legibility and readability must be taken into account while selecting a font. You must use official fonts like Arial, Bodoni, Century Gothic, Caslon, Fill Sans, Goudy, Baskerville Old Face, Berlin. Bell, Garamond, Informal Roman, Times New Roman, and Harrington, etc.

Free High School Diploma Template With Seal Templates

There is no need to go through numerous templates online when we have done a headache. Here, we have provided best diploma certificate templates for free.

High School Diploma Template With Seal

High School Diploma Template With Seal

school certificate template

High School Diploma Template With Seal

certificate template

There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for designing a certificate template when you can do it yourself easily. By following the above-cited guidelines, you can design a formal High School Diploma Template With Seal without any hassle!