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Preschool Graduation Songs- Special Songs For Special Days

Preschool Graduation Songs

 Preschool memories are one of the sweetest memories of everyone. The day when kids are promoted to the kindergarten is a very special day, and it’s celebrated as the preschool graduation day. Every kid is dressed in the graduation hat and is allowed to do or say something. These moments are something we can’t forget. Every time we see the group photos of those days our memories go beyond our thoughts for few moments. During preschool graduation days some songs are played and sometimes these songs are sung in chorus. Sometimes when the slides of the different memories of the preschool days are shown, the songs are played. These are called preschool graduation songs. After many years these songs pull the strings of the chords of our hearts.

These songs are played when

  • Kids are seated with their parents and slideshows are going on
  • Kids are coming up on the stage to collect the graduation day hat and certificate.
  • Kids are allowed to sing a song and that moment is being captured.

Preschool Graduation Songs

Who does not have some special memories during those preschool days! That’s why these songs become very special when we unfold the memories of those beautiful days.

Preschool Graduation Songs

If you are a teacher of a preschool and you are assigned to collect some preschool graduation songs for a special event for the kids or if you are assigned to make a chorus song for the kids, what would you do?

Helping yourself is the best way instead of getting help from others. So, what is the way to beautify the day?

You hardly can remember the songs you sang during your preschool graduation day. Can you?


Let me help you a bit. In today’s world, Google becomes the ultimate teacher. It has answers for everything. But with demerits come where merit goes. Choosing some excellent songs from the online resources is like finding a needle in the haystack.

That’s why we are here to help you out. After going through a thorough research, we have selected some best songs for the special day. These are very famous, and kids love these lot. Some are evergreen, and some are trendy because tastes of the kids of this century don’t match exactly what we used to think of those days. That’s why choosing something that they love is a tough task.

Preschool Graduation Songs Ideas For you

You must say thanks at least, don’t you? We are just kidding! Here the special songs for special day go-

#1 If teachers sing this song or recite this as a poem, it will sound great! Try it.

It’s time to say good-bye.

Our class has come to an end.

I’ve made more cherished memories

And many more friends.

I’ve watched your children learn and grow

And change from day to day.

I hope that all the things we’ve done

Have helped in some small way.

So it’s with happy memories

I send them out the door,

With great hope and expectations

For what next year holds in store.

#2 It’s also for the teachers but if the headmistress or master sing this, this will remain a special song in their (kids) life.

You’re a very special person,

And I wanted you to know,

How much I enjoyed being your teacher.

How fast the years did go!

Please come back to visit me As through the grades you grow, Try hard to

learn all that you can There is so much to know!

The one thing I tried to teach you To last your whole life through, Is to

know that you are SPECIAL There is no one else like you!

#3 School staffs can sing this for the kids. It will inspire them a lot, Try this out.

It’s time to say goodbye now

and so before you go

we’d like to tell you something that

we think you’d like to know

We’re going to start our school days

For twelve more years and then

When we graduate the next time

Won’t you please come back again!

#4 it’s great when it’s sung in chorus. If kids are prepared and if the kids go through some rehearsals they can sing this song in a group.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay-

My oh my, what a wonderful day!

Pre-K is fun–lots of learning and play-

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay!

It’s time for us to go, now.

We’re gonna ride the school bus-

Our new teacher’s waiting for us!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay-

Beautiful feeling, beautiful day!

Keep us enriched with your experience and don’t forget to tell us which one you love most! Till then, stay tuned.

Job Proposal Templates To Pitch Employers


In today’s competitive world, finding a proper job that matches our expertise is very tough. In a formal 15-20 minutes, interview interviewers hardly penetrate expertise zone of a candidate. That’s why a job proposal is important. It describes everything about your strengths and expertises at a glance. Interviewers understand your ability and expertises fully if a standard job proposal can be produced.

Now point comes, how to write a magical job proposal? It portrays your abilities. To make the process easier, we have picked some really good job proposal templates for you. You just need to edit some blank spaces. That’s all. You are done and can send your professional job proposal to the recruiters.

Before proceeding, you need to know, which things should be added into a job proposal letter.

Job Proposal Templates- Points to be added

  • The first section contains your name, contact and highlighting points of your skills and expertises.
  • The second section contains your experiences. Always add the time of joining and resign if you have worked with multiple companies. Include the job profile and which things you needed to take care of.
  • The third section includes your academics and the last qualification in brief.
  • And your personal details i.e. address postal address in the last section.

Always remember that a perfect job proposal increases your chance to get a job even before the interview! Interviewers get an overall idea by seeing the proposal.

 Job Proposal- Some technical points

  • A job proposal should be designed in such a way that you will not have to utter a single word on your experiences and academics.
  • It should include all the possible info in brief why a potential employer should hire you

If you don’t know how to write job proposal letter, then there is nothing to worry about because we have arranged some of the best proposal letters for you. These are best of the bests. Check the templates below, and we are sure you will also fall love with these.

Edit your personal details and BINGOOO…..

You can attach your photo with the proposal letter.

You can try to make one yourself, but we will not encourage that because that may have some errors and now that you don’t have any experience and knowledge how a proposal letter is made, don’t let yourself try this.

Free Job Proposal Letter Templates

#1 this is a clean and beautiful template with which you can impress your boss or potential boss to get a higher position or a new opening. This is simple and can portray all the things easily.

Job Proposal Templates

#2 If you are entering into professional life, be confident about your strong points. Portray what you can do at your best level.


#3 easily editable, neat and simple which can hit the eyes of the employers directly. Edit your details and start seeing the magic around you.


Let us know which template for job proposal you like most and provide valuable feedback by commenting below. It will help us to enrich our knowledge also.

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Preschool Graduation Ideas: Ways To Celebrate Graduation Ceremony


Great Preschool Graduation Ideas!!
Your kids are about to enter their academic life after successful completion of preschool training and tasks of the play groups. I said “your kids”, as a teacher you can understand why I sounded that. After completing two years with the kids, they become your kids too. Their initial education starts here right at the play schools. So at their preschool graduation day, we have to plan something amazing so that they can remember it all time.

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Planning for any special event on preschool graduation day?

So how do you plan the preschool graduation day? Do you have any idea?

It’s not very tough to think about the things kids love most. To make the thinking process smoother we are here to provide some really good ideas for the celebrations of the graduation day at preschool classes.

Ideas differ according to the place, so we need to fix the location first. In the playschools, we can arrange the preschool graduation celebration in the classrooms, hall rooms, playrooms or in the playground.

  • If it’s in the classroom, then walls should be painted, or some beautiful drawings drawn by the kids can be hung. Colorful plastic ribbons can be arranged.
  • If it’s in the hall room, something more like small colorful flags and decorated chairs can be placed for amusement.
  • If you are thinking to arrange the celebration party on the ground, then get some colorful flags and balloons.

Planning anything special for the kids?

Don’t forget to arrange the below-mentioned items because these are the “must have” items for a preschool graduation day.

  • Graduation hats
  • Graduation transcripts
  • Lunch for the kids
  • A photo album is covering many photos of their school time.

To add some memorable moments we need to execute some extraordinary ideas. To make your thinking clearer, we are giving you some preschool graduation ideas.

Good Preschool graduation ideas

You can choose any one of these according to your requirement. All of these can be arranged into the classrooms and hall rooms in the school.

Arrange a chorus song:  All the kids can be arranged together for chorus song. The moment can be recorded and distributed to everyone and can be uploaded online so that when they grow up, they can recall the moment!

Group Photo: A group photo can be snapped. Like the video, this can also be given to all the students with a photo album.

Dramatic Play: This is an ambitious idea where students are allowed to play a role of what they want to be in future. See how interestingly they play the dramas. These moments can also be captured. Trust me; these are very innocent memories.

Preschool Graduation Ideas

Sideshow: You can present a slideshow where every child is covered equally. All the slides should contain random moments of the children. It’s a very good preschool graduation day idea. Gather parents and children together in the hall room and start showing the slideshow.

Write us if you have any special preschool graduation ideas, we will add that too.

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Graduation speech ideas: Preparing Graduation Speeches

Graduation Speech ideas

Graduation speeches are given to the students who have passed graduation successfully on the day of the graduation ceremony. Sometimes these are given by any notable figure and sometimes some students are also asked to say something about their journey in the institution.

Giving a graduation speech is not a matter of “5 minutes standing speech”. A lot of things revolve around the speeches. That’s why everyone should be prepared before giving any speech in the graduation ceremony. If you lack in the ideas for the speech, we are here to help you with some really impressive ideas.

But before preparing your speech to make some points very clear in your mind. Have a look at the below-mentioned points; these should be maintained carefully while preparing the graduation speeches.

Best Graduation Speech Ideas

Short and precise: The speech should be short and to the point. It does not require any introduction. Directly jump into the topics and your experiences. It should not be too long because in modern days we are used to the “précised thoughts”.

Speeches must have personal touches: Your speeches must include some personal touches. Otherwise, it might be monotonous for everyone because almost all of us know the basic environments of a graduation school and aware of that. So instead of giving data figure and recalling the memories of the teachers, professors, and friends, try to add some personal experiences (if it’s related to your fear, then how did you overcome that, etc. etc.)

Avoid controversial talks: We all have some bitter experiences in our life. It may happen that we don’t like any particular person in our colleges or university. He/she may be our teacher, professor or lab assistant. There may be any conflict of ideas or other things. Don’t drag things like these into your graduation day speech. Because the person you hate most may be loved by others!

Pick some “out of the box” points: Share your unique experiences with your juniors, and it is really a golden moment for you because, in the same institution, you were in the seats of the students before some years. You can share some mischievous stories of your graduation life.

Graduation Speech Ideas

Here we are providing some “starts” for the graduation speech because only you can arrange the topics and arrange them in order. We have discussed above, try to maintain those while writing your speeches.

All the graduation speeches have some themes; we are highlighting the themes so that you can prepare your speeches on that. Add your personal stories with these and these will become a perfect speech.

Let’s move to the themes for graduation day speech-

  • “Student life is to make a mistake. The more mistakes you do, the more you learn.” So you can start telling a short speech on how to use the mistake to build your career. Share your mistakes which you have done during graduation and how did you mould those mistakes into your strength.
  • Start some motivational talks like “never giving up on a dream”. Blend the dreams of the graduate students and the difficulties people actually face when they are put into the real world. How to tackle that “hell and heaven” differences.
  • Else you can start with something unique like “never forgetting your roots”, blend the culture and all the things with the education system and help the students to realize that being a graduate they are open to the world but by keeping the roots of life strong they can manage to build an empire like a big tree with different branches.

Free Printable Baptism Certificates For Immediate Use


Printable Baptism Certificates

Baptism is the only process (according to the Christianity) to get rid of the sin and bad spirits. It’s a process, through which a man or woman reborn with the holy spirit within him or her. Knowledge is the foundation of the Baptism.

When someone is enlightened with the light of the Christianity, he or she becomes aware of the meaning of his or her birth and the sole purpose of the life. Baptism certificate is issued by the Church, and there a name is embossed on it. If you follow all the things and is enlightened with the knowledge, you actually reborn as a son or daughter of God!

Baptism is a holy line of the process through which a person starts his/ her relationship with the Church. Now the question comes, what are included in the Baptism certificate?

Formally nothing is mentioned except the name of the person and the Church. But it means a lot to those persons who have been granted these certificates. As a person, if you asked to get some designs for the Baptism certificates, what will you do?

Your steps should be checked hundreds of times because a lot of sentiments are wrapped with these certificates. So, what will be your approaches?

I also had gone blank when I was asked to do so. That’s why I have come with this article where every step of choosing a great baptism certificate.

First of all, one thing I want to make clear- Where do you find templates of the Baptism certificates?

Will you go for examining some Baptism certificates issued by the other Churches?

If you do so, I will discourage it.

Rather I will encourage you to search online because in today’s world internet becomes the primary resources of all types of works. Trust me, hundreds of amazing certificate templates of Baptism is available online and which are easily customizable.

Baptism Certificates for You

The designs of the Baptism certificates really matter a lot because sentiments of religions are included.

That’s why for your ease we have arranged some Baptism certificate templates for you. You can easily save these and edit according to your requirements.

Points to Check before selecting baptism certificate templates

Colour: Always check the colours and don’t forget to keep the colour simple and unique. Avoid multi coloured templates.

Written text: We find some lines on every Baptism certificates. Always check the lines, edit those if required.

Free Printable Baptism Certificate Templates

Here in below some free and easily printable baptism certificate templates are given. You need not provide any credit for these if you want to use.

#1 it’s a unique baptism certificate in catholic style. Who want to stick to the traditional designs, can use this template. Simple edit the details and you are done!


#2 For those, who want a minimal template for baptism certificate, it suits them a lot.


#3 The design of this certificate is classic, and till now, certificates like this are being loved around all the corners of the world.

Baptism Certificates

Let us know how you are planning to design your baptism certificate? If you want to provide any input, feel free to write us anytime!

Fake College Degree & Transcript- How To Obtain

fake degree certificate online

Fake college degree certificate buying has been a trend, and the companies involved in this business are earning whopping profits by fulfilling the fascinations and needs of the customers.

Fake College DegreeBut before hitting the buy button, you need to know that these fake certificates don’t assure a verification process if it’s enquired. Exceptions are everywhere, surprisingly in this business also. Till now, a company assures that their degrees are authentic and can be verified anytime!

What are you thinking? How do they do such kind of impossible thing?

Simply for business, they take advantages of a lot of loopholes in the laws of the states mentioned with the University.

Fake College Degree Certificates- Similar To Fake High School Diploma Certificates

Online is the best place to find out the weird things. If it’s a fake degree certificate or falsified transcript, you can get everything against cash! If you are ready to burn out some cash then the degree will be in your hand. Search for some institutions online that provide false or fake degree certificates. You will get ample of results. But how do you be sure that the website you visit can fulfil your requirement?

One thing should be cleared here. These degrees are false, and it can be dangerous if you provide permission to verify anywhere. For pretending yourself as a cool dude, you can buy these degrees that do not matter a lot.

Go to a website online and check the features they provide. You can consider these below-mentioned points as the checkpoint before applying for a fake degree from the website. Once you make your payment, there will be no chance for revision.

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Points to check before making payment-

Dimension: At first, you should the check the dimension of the certificates and transcripts. See whether the samples look like original or not.

Colour and print Remember original certificates contain raised-ink print.  So try to find out some websites where this option is available.

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Check the seal: Check the options of the seals of the certificates. There are a lot of seals available for this purpose. Silver/ gold embossed seals are awesome. These seals look impressive and don’t give any of feel of a fake transcript!

Compare the prices: Always check the prices and compare those prices together, but remember one thing- don’t compromise on the features for the price. Always go for the premium features but choose wisely which one to go with.

How to Order a Fake College Degree Certificate online

How to order these kinds of items? No clue?

After checking all the features thoroughly, we have optimized the guide of order a fake certificate.

  • First of all, check the certificate and transcript you have selected.
  • After providing the contact details, they use to send a mail mentioning pay details.
  • Don’t go if they tell you to buy any e-book package.

Buy a degree after considering the facts and checkpoints. Reach us easily by putting a comment below and let us know your experiences of buying fake certificates online. Also, you can take a look at our another guide on buying fake transcripts, if you are willing to buy one.

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Free Fake Transcripts Collection For Download


Fake transcripts are something that many people raise eyebrows on. But for the person who has lost his transcripts, it’s very valuable. Sometimes we go far away from our motherland for works, and we don’t have any option to get any duplicate certificate back soon after the accidental loss.

By mentioning all the details i.e. Roll no and registration no, anyone can easily order a fake transcript online. If all the information are checked by any authority that will cause no infringement as all the info provided are correct.

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Here we are going to discuss on fake transcripts and how to obtain these kinds of fake transcripts.

Before jumping into the main body, we want to mention some points for you so that you can select the best transcript.

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Fake Diploma And Fake Transcripts

Fake transcripts are something that you are not going to have from the University you passed from. Fake transcript means a kind of transcript which is made without permission from the University but with all correct information.

Fake Transcripts

Before buying a fake transcript online, always remember these points-

Go for a Good and reputed company: While searching the web always do check the testimonial options of the websites. Check the ISO certificate of that company though maximum in this business don’t have this kind of certifications.

Check all the samples of the transcripts online: Check all the images of the sample transcripts while browsing. The images are generally shot from a final product. Don’t need to check the colors because sometimes colors don’t show proper effect due to some photographic settings.

Check all the quality points:Always go for a checking round before ordering. Which point should you look for? Here are some-

• Check whether the template certificate will have raised ink print or not. It provides extra value and reflects as an original certificate.

• Check which seal they use, because there is a basic pattern of the seals used by the esteemed institutions. So always check this whether they are appropriate or not.

•All modern certificates carry a 3D hologram, so it’s necessary to have a hologram embossed with the logo of the institution and the name. Maximum company provides this type of logo based 3D hologram but always be sure before paying the sum for the fake transcript.

• The last one, dimension and orientation, check all the points of these two because it should be properly formatted with everything necessary so that the transcript looks damn real. Every institution has a basic structure for its transcripts which relates dimension and orientation, sometimes the color of the ink can be a big issue. That’s why we recommend you to check these points and to have a telephonic conversation if not satisfied and if you are confused.

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So the last action comes, how to order a fake transcript online? We have already mentioned that there are a lot of sites that provide fake transcripts. Select which one you need and make payment online…BINGOOOO

You are done!

But don’t forget to check your name and roll number and all the submitted things carefully before making payment.

Printable Certificates Of Appreciation


A certificate of appreciation is an award that acknowledges achievements and hard work of an individual or group. Precisely, this certificate is a professional document used by companies or organizations to recognize individuals for their efforts. 

What Are Certificates Of Appreciation?

This award can be given for any achievement including tenure of service, performance, the donation to charity, closing a big deal or retirement. In simple words, this certificate appreciates the concerned individual in best possible manner!

certificates of appreciation

Elements Of Certificates Of Appreciation

The simplest form of the certificate of appreciation includes a simple amount of text. The text may start with the general statement of appreciation or name of the award. The main body elaborates the reason for fabricating the certificate.

In most cases, the main body includes official acknowledgment message for an individual on behalf of company or organization. In simple words, this section showcases details about recipient’s action, such as working for 40 years in the company or making the donation to the homeless shelter. After the message of gratitude, it includes a name of the recipient and signature of the official person that issued the certificate.

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How To Present The Certificates Of Appreciation?

The official bodies always organize the ceremony to present the certificate of appreciation. Such ceremonies include a short speech to commemorate great achievements of the recipient and how such actions affected the organization. The companies or businesses always use these certificates to show gratitude towards services and hard work of employees. Many Non-profit organizations and charities recognize the generosity of volunteers by issuing these awards.

How To Select Best Certificates Of Appreciation

A certificate of appreciation is an ideal way to appreciate effort, time and contribution of an individual towards company or organization. Practically, without any cost, you can convey your message in a fun way through this certificate.

You can use either template or make a new certificate from scratch. In both cases, you have to keep certain things in mind. You cannot use same design and format to appreciate all kinds of services and achievements. That’s why we have devised this section that will help you in making or choosing the best certificate of appreciation.

A Certificate Of Appreciation Must Be Appropriate For Occasion

certificate of appreciation

A company may issue appreciation award for any reason. So, the certificate should be selected accordingly.For instance, you are issuing the certificate to a kid. Then it must be colorful and graphically appealing to the kid. If you are planning to give the certificate to employees, then it should be formal. In a case of teachers, the certificate should be formal with text showing respect and gratitude. There is no hard and fast rule. You just need to make it compatible with the occasion.

Personalize The Certificates Of Appreciation

appreciation certificate

Whether you download the template or make the new certificate, you must add personalized details. Such as, the name of the recipient, a reason for appreciation award, a name of the company and name of the person who is giving the award. You should include logos, emblems or symbol to make it more formal and unique.

Use Good Quality Paper

In the end, print out the certificate on good quality paper to leave the positive impression. It will look better if framed. For sure, the frame won’t cost that much!

Lesson Plan Template Word–> Free Printables


Lesson plan template word is something every teacher would need. And if you are a teacher, then you surely want to teach the best to your students. Teaching at the best level will need to indeed in various tasks and a proper schedule is compulsory.

lesson plan template word

If you have a proper schedule in place, then only you can manage the teaching plan correctly. When you have decided to put a schedule to take a particular syllabus in particular time, you have to download pre-built lesson plan templates to implement it.

We want to give you the way to use lesson plan format template effectively. When you open its Microsoft word template file, it will open as a new document that is ready to use. This will happen each time when you open it.

Lesson Plan Template Word: Free Download

The gray boxes are known as form fields in it. You can move from one form field to the next to navigate between them. This is the time to think about the place of saving your templates. You should consider the suitable drive and folder to allow easy access or the location from which files cannot be deleted easily and can be remembered easily.

lesson plan template word

You should double click on the location before using save button. You may want to create a new folder structure, particularly for your templates. This will keep them unique from other documents and files.

Download The Lesson Plan Template Word:

When you try to download the lesson templates, you will find the word and excel templates.

  •    Microsoft Word Template:

Lesson class template is also available in word format. It contains the pre-built format to take a lesson in such a way that the teacher can deliver more than their expectation. A Microsoft word template is a word processing document which has been set up, configured and also protected to allow saving new information in predetermined locations within the document. Creating documents from templates will ensure you about template’s layout, data entry, and style consistency.

It will help you to work efficiently and also for businesses to manage brand of Company and to control data quality. If required, the saved document can be amended without making any changes in word template file. A normal Microsoft office word document will be stored in .doc file extension. It can be easily amended and it is the default file type when saving documents created in Microsoft word.

  •    MS EXCEL Templates:

An MS Excel spreadsheet template is a spreadsheet which has been set up, designed and secured to allow the data entry in cells. A teacher can enter their syllabus details in cells as per their plan. Formulae can be defined to perform calculations on the data entered and results will be presented graphically in predefined graphs. Creating a spreadsheet from templates will allow a user with little experience to analyze, present and also to report on the information entered. By standardizing the locations of data, multiple spreadsheets can be analyzed with ease of manner.

  •    Microsoft Publisher Template:

This kind of lesson templates will be used to deliver teaching in some creative way using graphics and etc. A template which is constructed using MS publisher has been designed and set up so that each time it can be opened with the constant overall design, appearance and also the publication. Graphics, text, and formatting can be applied which are created in a template. Additional text, graphics and page formatting are created on top of the master page.

That’s it. These were some lesson plan template word for free download. If you have any doubts, please comment below.