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Work order templates

Looking for Maintenance work order form aka Work order template?

There is a lot of confusion about work order because some suggest it as a work ticket where full job description is included. An overview and every detail of the job is written on the work order, and others suggest that a proper work order includes all the other things like estimated date of completion of the job. That’s why work order templates are also classified into these two types.

But work orders should be something that explains a job as a whole with all important details, but it should not be very big. So we need a concise template that can describe the job fully.

work order forms

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I have faced the similar issue while searching some free work order template formats online such as Employee Time Sheet. After a thorough research, I have handpicked some of the hundreds of templates and thought that it could be equally useful in your life if shared.

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Work Order Templates- What it should contain

Work orders can be designed into two different ways. One is for work order for vendors (outside), and another is for internal use (inside).

# Bill To: The name and address of the vendor who has been allotted for a particular work. Sometimes “Bill To” and “Ship To” fields may be different.

# WO No: A number is allotted for each job to identify which job this is. Every work order should include this.


# Job Details: A concise description of the job should be included with every work order. These are general description followed by special details like the logo, model name, branding details, etc.

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# Quantity: It contains the number of pieces or amount of the parts of material needed. The estimated time frame for a job and other things depends on this parameter.

# Other Details: All the special specifications should be mentioned here in details.

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Maintenance Work Order Form

Free Printable Work Order Template

All the work order templates available online have these below-mentioned points. Maximum of these templates are tailored for a specific market.

Maximum companies use work orders to keep efficient tracking of “Work in progress”. It helps in daily tracking of a job. Here we have provided some editable work order template and these can be used to make your work order templates.

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  • IT Work Orders
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Maintenance Work Order
  • Work order for repairing services
  • Work Orders for dispatch services
  • Computerized work orders for sales
  • Work Orders For Maintenance schedules

Maintenance Work Order Template

Maintenance Work Order Template

This template is specially created for maintenance orders only. You can see the clear sections where you can enter work details like labor, material costs, and other expenses. Several fields are available for details like location, starting date and contact information. Tracking of order is a good practice. You can do it by listing the customer order number on this receipt.

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Automotive Work Order Template

Automotive Work Order Template

For maintenance or repair work, this template comes handy. The top section can be used to enter the car details. Also, you can enter details about labor and parts repaired. The form has several other sections related to garage and automotive work. The template has easy to understand fields and can be customized as per business needs.

Stop Work Order Template

Stop Work Order Template

It is possible that ongoing project has been canceled or suspend for any reason. In this case, this template is useful. It offers sections where you can add detailed information about cancellation. For additional information, you can modify the form.

Service Work Order Template

Service Work Order Template

Business can either provide services or goods. In case of services, this template can be used. It is specially designed for services provided. You can mention details like services rendered, additional charges and amount owed, etc. This order form is compatible with all types of services. The fields for service date and tracking number are available for accurate recording.

Repair Work Order Template

Repair Work Order Template

If you want to take advantage of repair services, you need this work order form. It is specifically curated for all types of repairing services. You can use it describe details like required repairing services, permission for work, due date, job status, and expenses incurred. Of course, it is useful for maintenance requests too.

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IT Work Order Template

IT Work Order Template

To avail IT services, you have to rely on this free template. It is the simplest order form used for requesting IT services. It has fields for request data, contact information and required IT services.

Graphic Design Work Order Template

Graphic Design Work Order Template

You don’t need to be graphist to avail graphic design services. We have easy to read and understand template for you.

Landscaping Work Order Template

Landscaping Work Order Template

The landscaping work and projects are known to be long term. That’s why contractors need a detailed order form with in-depth work description. Usually, it contains information like cost of materials and labor. You can further add details like contact information and location.

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Cleaning Work Order template

Cleaning Work Order Template

You can use this template to specify what cleaning services you want. In this order form, common services are pre-listed. You can simply check the requested services. The form also has fields for individual and total costs of services.

Inspection Work Order Template

Inspection Work Order Template

Whether you need an inspection for pests or electrical bugs, this template will help you in hiring. Mainly, it has sections to describe the type of inspection, a site for inspection and important notes.

It’s a very simple work order template. It can be used anywhere for any job work. Check it and you can use it simply by editing the details.

Work order templates

Its a very impressive yet very simple work order template for you. It looks like a professional template. Try it and believe me, its very cool. Once its implemented, you will love it for sure.

This template hits the minds of the viewers or users (employees) easily. The use of this template is easy and anyone with simple knowledge of data entry can fill this form. So plan the project and assign someone to fill the data.

work order templates

Let us know your say about these work order templates. If you have something to share with us, don’t forget to inform us. Stay tuned.


Here is a huge collection of Work Order Templates:

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